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Brand: ACL | Category: Pit and Mechanic Gear
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AR-1 Flexigauge
Color Red
AG-1 Flexigauge
Color Green
AB-1 Flexigauge
Color Blue
AY-1 Flexigauge
Color Yellow

Product Description

Flexigauge is precision manufactured plastic strip.

It is available in four sizes and is used to check clearance of main and connecting rod bearings, and is suitable for Automotive, Marine and Industrial applications.

The four sizes available together cover clearances from .001 in to .016 in, or .025mm to .406mm and as follows:

  • AG-1 – (RG-1) (Green Pack) .001 – .003in or .025 – .076mm
  • AR-1 – (RR-1) (Red Pack) .002 – .006in or .051 – .152mm
  • AB-1 – (RB-1) (Blue Pack) .004 – .009in or .012 – .229mm
  • AY-1 – (RY-1) (Yellow Pack) .008 – .016in or .203 – .406mm

Flexigauge strips – 12 in long – are packed in individual envelopes, which are marked in appropriate graduation – one side in thousandths of an inch and the other side in millimeters. Ten strips in their envelopes are packed in their appropriate colored carton.

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